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Effect of Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio for different ascendant

Jupiter in Scorpio started from 11th oct 2018 to 29th march 2019 then will go in Sagittarius and again will re-enter in Scorpio From 22nd april to 05th nov 2019.

Scorpio is the Sign That Deals with Birth, Death, Power and Sexuality so, when Jupiter Transit into Scorpio these aspects can Be Start up to Surface. It is the Largest Planet in zodiac system and Benefic One. It is the most Beneficial in All the Planets. It is also responsible for Expansion, Growth. It Symbolizes Good Luck, Fortune, Truth and Religion. It will be Blessing us with Divine Power. Scorpio is Deeply Emotional Sign. It Concerns with our innermost Feelings and Intimacy.

Jupiter in Aries - Jupiter’s transit in 8th house, it is a house of inheritance and secrets. You will not get any kind of inheritance. You will gain money from other sources. This is a Good time to invest Your Money or to merge with another Person or to have a Partnership. If You Are in a Relationship You Might Consider Deepening Your Commitments With Your Partner During This Transit. Spiritual travelling and mystic knowledge enrich you. You can have Inheritance dispute. You Will Be Overcome Out Of Old Loans. Spiritually, This Is a Year of Mystical and Psychological experiences. If you have any disease, this is a good period to overcome with these problems.

Jupiter in Taurus - Jupiter enters in 7th house. You Might Form a Solid Business Partnership with Someone Or With Influential People to Achieve Your Goal. Marriage Prospect is Strongly Represented during This Time. If You Are Single and Looking for Love it may happen with Older Candidate. Unexpectedly people May Come into your Life to offer you Help and support as a partner. Comfort from wife and opposite sex. You will get wealth in this transit. Legal Matters Are Also Favorable and can win old Pending Cases. Health Will Improve Within This Transit. Source of Income will be improved. Relation with Elder Siblings might Get Strong. Touring is Also Possible and it is Fruitful. Your Mind Can Be Inclined toward Spiritual Activity.

Jupiter in Gemini - For This Sign, Jupiter’s Transit in Sixth House That Is the House of Wellness So the Native will take Care Of their Health and Well Being during This period. If you have previously any Health issue You May Get Solution. Growth And Opportunities For Your Career Is Also Possible. Foreign Journeys And Expenditures Also Increased. It Might Get Your Budget Upset. Relations with Your Spouse will not be So Fine, Minor Disputes Are Possible. New Job / Business Opportunity are also good during This Period. Extreme Dieting Must Be Avoided. Promotion in Job / Business is also seen. General Family Atmosphere will be Good, If in Joint Family. If you have previously any disease, quick recovery is there. If you need any type of loan it shall be granted soon. Partnership problems might be started.

Jupiter in cancer - Here, jupiter’s transit in 5th house. Creativity And Expression Is Possible. Relationship with opposite sex might get strong and sensual pleasure is indicated. Children Will Prosper. If you want to start Your Family You Will Get Success. For Students, Educational Success is Possible. Your Bonding With Children Will Be Good. General Luck And Destiny Favors You. Love And Relationships Also Expand During This Transit. You Will Get More Enjoyment With Your Partner. Extra Marital Affairs are also seen. Source Of Income Increased. Health wise Body Weight Increased. Some Digestive Problems Might Be Occurring. Your intuition power will increase. Students will get success in their competitions. Interest in music or in other entertainment shall be growing.

Jupiter in Leo - Jupiter’s transit from Fourth House. It Is The House Of General Happiness, Properties and All Matters Related To Home Affairs. Native Can Buy Property or Exchange It. Change of Place is Also Possible. You may get Stability in Your Life. You Can Purchase New House And New Vehicle Too. Relation With Mother And Children Might Be Stronger. General Entertainment of Life is also possible. If a Previously Pending Dispute in a Family It Will Be resolved. You may truly connect with a Loved One. Extra Expenditure is Also Possible during This Transit. Old Age Native’s Health Problem Related to Heart and Chest is also seen. Good support from family is possible.

Jupiter in Virgo - During this Transit, Jupiter’s passing through Third House. This House is related to Media, Communication, Writing and Education If You have any Work Related to These Fields It Will Enhance Your Income and you will get Success. You will become with regard to your Belief and ideas. Any Broken Relationship With Your Siblings Might Get Improved. Traveling Related to your job is also possible. In Marriage Life, Bonding Will Get Stronger. Some Health Problems related to Chest House is also possible. In General Destiny, You Will Get Success. Source Of Income Improved. Mother’s health might get deteriorated.

Jupiter in Libra - For This Sign, Jupiter Passes through Second House That Is the House of Money, Brain, and family. Disputes in the Family are also possible. If you concentrate Gain of money is possible. Health related Minor Problems will remain Full Year. Some New Enemies will try to disturb your image. Problem Related to Inheritance Might Be Solved. Professional Success Remains Good During This Transit. New Job Prospects for Financial Growth is also possible. Pleasure through opposite sex is possible.

Jupiter in Scorpio - This is a good year for Scorpions. Jupiter‘s Transit From 1st House So You Will Get Good Health And Prosperity Overall. For Students Educational Success is Possible. Those Are Unemployed Will Get Employment. In Competition, Success Is Also Assured. Relation With Children Might Get Strong. Relation With Wife Will Also Be Good. New Love Affairs Can Be Start. Your Mind Think Religiously or You Can Inclined Towards Spiritualism. If You Are Trying To Search Any Guru / Mentor You Will Get Success. Your Body Weight will Increase. Moneywise You Will Get Success. Your Inclination toward Social Activities will be increased and you will get honor And Respect from Society and Government Also. Your Will Power Will Be Stronger. You Will Be Good Eater and will Prefer Delicious Sweets. If You Want To Expand Your Family You Will Get Success. Touring Related to Religious Places is also possible. Your Interest in Different Shastra or Knowledge Seeking will Increase. You will be a Good Advisor.

Jupiter in Sagittarius - This Year is not so good for These Natives Because during This Transit Jupiter Passes Over 12th House and That Is the House of Loss. Health Problem Might Be Started. Financial Loss Increased And Also Loan Liability Increased. Disputes Related to Inheritance increased and Finalized. Native May Be Settling In Foreign County Or in Other Places. Speculation Must Be Avoided Otherwise Loss will Increase. Unhappiness from Parents and Property is seen. If you are a Religious Person You Will Get Some Spiritual Experiences. Travelling Related to Job also increased. You Will Be Fond Of Physical Pleasure. You Will Be Lazy And Indulge In Questionable Deeds / Unfair Activities. You Will Be Bitter Toward Others. Your Society Or Friend Circle Might Be Stupid. You Will Be a Good Advisor And Will Take True Interest In Religious Work.

Jupiter in Capricorn - in this transit, Jupiter passes in 11th House That Is the House of Gain, Profit. Native Will Get Profit From Foreign Countries. Your Wealth Increased You Will Get Fame. You Are Happy And Content And Take Interest In Social Working. You Will Be Patronized By Government Society Employer And Friends. Your Luxury Increased. Relation With Your Siblings Will Be Cordial. You are attracted toward opposite Sex. Some New Love Affairs Might Be Started. Good Relation with Spouse. Relation With Children Will Be Stronger. For Health Some Minor Problems Might Be Possible.

Jupiter in Aquarius - During This Transit, Jupiter Passes Over 10th House. You Will Get New Job / Business or Major Carrier Change is also possible. New Business might be started. Try To Apply For Fellowships Or Grants and Submit Your Work For Publication. Success in Competition is also possible. Your confidence reaches to a New Height. Source Of Income Increased. You Will Get More Money Than Previous Year. Purchasing a Property is also possible. Some Hidden Enemies And Disease Might Be On The Surface From Which You Are Unaware. Some New Relations Toward Opposite Sex Might Be Formed. You Have An Aristocratic Nature And Intelligence. Your Children Will Not Give Proper Happiness. You Are Happy With Your Parents And Respect Them. Inherit Paternal Property During This Time. You Are Fond Of Physical Pleasure. Promotion in Profession or in Success is Possible. New Vehicles Can Be Purchased For Your Comfort.

Jupiter in Pisces - During This Transit, Jupiter passes over the 9th House which is the House of Luck. New Adventures Are Possible. Religious Activities Increased And Your Faith Will Be High. Opportunities Related to Foreign Countries is Possible. You will be attracted to Spiritual Studies / Higher Study Is Also Possible. If you are a Writer this is a Great Time to Publish Your Work. Jupiter Aspect Your Ascendant House So Your Health will remain good. Some New Emotional Relations Formed. Relation With Siblings Might Get Strong. Professional Success is assured. You Will Get Chance of Promotion. If You Are In Business New Opportunities Will Come During This Time. You Will Be Religious And God Fearing. Your Wealth Will Increase and will lead a Happy Family Life. You Are a Kind Hearted and will be Travelling to Foreign Countries. Your Children Will Be More Prospering. Your Father Will Enjoy Long Life. You are a good advisor.

Criticize to others may result is deterioration of your image. You need to be more receptive and flexible to maintain partnerships. Continuous hard work gives you success. . You will be busier in new work and win over old problems. You will not feel happy by improvement in the health of your spouse. Busy schedule for government employees not give you happiness. Any important pending work may be completed. Difference of opinion or dispute may be possible with your co- worker at your working place. Do not take decision in hurry. Emotional expectation might be disturb your piece of mind.

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