Numerology is a Meta physical science. It is the study of the calculations of numbers. Numerology deals with numbers 1-9 respectively.
In numerology each number has a meaning of its own and has its own effect on people. The date of birth of the person and his name is used to calculate the numerological influence on a person. It is used to determine a person’s personality, fate, obstacles, and emotional reactions. Numbers do have an enormous effect on our lives. The influence of numbers changes his destiny. By astro numerology can build a better character and a successful life. Unknown fear can be reduced by changing the numbers. A right choice of numbers can solve once problems in life.
The right use of Names, Dates business associates through its guidens makes life smooth. Our team has numbers of students. They are studying and practicing under guidance of Dr. NAVAL KISHOR. SUSHMA and PRAKERTI our favorite and talented students. They are doing works sincerely over 5 years. They give numerological consultation to several peoples to change their destiny. How to correct their names to overcome their problems.

Consultancy Fees :- 500 INR
(Appointment on mail only )

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