Human is a best creature of the earth and have more curiosity to know everything entire universe. Whenever we see in the sky find changes gradually sun rise in east and sets in the west. Stars are making different shapes in the sky. Human mind alone is responsible to study these events. Many observations have been set up by ancients sages all over world and monitor the movement of planets and stars. They have taken up the subject and make many fundamentals which have proved and time tested. Our greatest rishi parashar make many fundamentals to cast a horoscope properly why which we seen the fortune and misfortune at a glance. For casting the horoscope we can calculate the ascendant by the date, time and place of birth and fix the position of the planets sun, moon, mars and other celestial objects.
Indian Astrology consist of planets surrounding the sun. we can calculate the planetary position at the time of birth. The system known as horoscope, By these horoscopes purporting to explain different aspects of a person and personality and also predict future events in their life. Indian astrology known as Jyotish. It consist of two words jyoti + ish. Jyoti means light or eyes, ish means God. It means god’s eyes are jyotish. Mainly Indian astrology depends on 9 planets : sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu and ketu. Astrology is the art of foreseeing by the aspects of stars at cetain periods. The events likely to happen.

Consultancy Fees :- 3000 INR(for one patri)

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