Your Weekly Horoscope


You will get new opportunities for progress. Don’t be emotional, be practical. Don’t think about the past for it will get you nothing living in the present is what will give you success. There are high chances of a promotion. Family life will be happy but any family members’ health might get you in trouble. Balancing work life with family is difficult but essential in order to maintain balance in life. People in politics have a good week ahead of them to form relations. Family responsibilities will find themselves completed satisfactorily. Be careful about your eating habits to maintain good health. Even when everything is happening to your satisfaction you might find that something is missing in your life. You might find yourself troubled when taking important decisions in your work. Spiritual activeness can help sooth your mind. On Thursday and Friday some negative thoughts disturbing your peace of mind. Students will find results to the satisfaction. Avoid laziness when trying to accomplish an important task. Travelling might be unsatisfactory.

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