Your Weekly Horoscope


It is not possible that everything is according to you so hard working is necessary to fulfill your liabilities. New circumstances can help you discover things about yourself which even you were not aware of. Due to your standing in your family you might have to play the peace maker. You are facing problems in fulfilling family liabilities due to shortage of funds. Expenditure is more than your income so your budget is out of control. You will get help with your coworker/ boss to overcome this problem if you can down your ego. Your work may give you travelling opportunities so be on a look out. Student should be careful with their exams otherwise the result may be disastrous. This week is a good time to complete all your pending task and duties. Love and romantic life will give you happiness. Spiritual forces will guide you to achieve a balance in life. In order to progress in your life hard work is an important key aspect. You are full of creativity so don’t be afraid to use it to achieve your goals.

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